January 21, 2006

Batman Begins

Batman Begins is an outstanding movie that pays tribute to both the mythology and the movies that came before it. Some liberties have been taken in the story of this film, to provide a background similar to but compressed enough to fit within the shortened time frame of a movie. But it remains very close to the true mythology and I was very impressed by that.

It's clear that the writer is a Batman fan, and two of the best villains were brought to life in this movie. The previous movies had much more comedic characters, but this rendition captures the gothic atmosphere and dark mood of Legends of the Dark Knight, which is also my favorite publication line. The first two contemporary Batman movies also were along this vein, but with a more mischievous approach since they were done by Tim Burton.

The movie features some great actors. Christian Bale has been a favorite of mine since Equilibrium and I think a good choice for Batman. Gary Oldman was not exactly what I was expecting to see for Jim Gordon, but now I see how well he pulled off the young commissioner. Recognizing the future Batgirl in this movie was also a nice thing to include. The inclusion of Lucius Fox was nice, but not exactly in line with the mythology.

With advances in filmmaking technology, this Batman also includes some amazing special effects that never look fake. The older movies had no chance of producing the sort of realistic stunts and visual sequences that this movie had, regardless of budget. In particular, the bats would have been infeasible. The sound effects and background music were also extremely well done. Mixing was perfect and everything sounded very realistic. I think this is a movie that could have benefited from incorporating the rear channel as well as the larger dynamic range of DTS, so it's too bad the DVD only includes Dolby Digital.

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