January 18, 2006

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Jin-Roh is an amazing movie. The story is intense and powerful, with excellent characters and a great plot. Which is not that surprising given it was written by Mamoru Oshii. The ending is immensely satisfying, if unfortunately not the one you were expecting or hoping for. Although this looks at first blush to be an action film, it is actually more of a stylized fairy tale wrapped around a love story.

The sound production was as good as it gets. The sound mixing was perfect, although tailored for a theatrical speaker arrangement, and the background music features some famous musicians as well as a full symphony. However, the music is not really anything special. It fits the movie, but I don't think it is particularly memorable. The sound effects were also very faithful, and I particularly liked the impact of explosions, sub-sonic rumble for the heavy guns, the raindrops, and other little details like that.

The only bad thing about the movie was the flat animation style of the characters. There was very little depth through shadow or coloration in their clothing or their body. This is a little surprising, given that a lot of attention was given to the other areas. Perhaps that is the drawing style that the original artist used, but it doesn't work as well given the many dark and directionally lighted scenes, or the painted backgrounds. Still, the rest of the movie more than makes up for this shortcoming and you'll probably forget about it once you're into the storyline.

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