January 23, 2006

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

I don't recall where I saw a trailer for Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, but I decided that I really wanted it. Today I sat down for about six hours and watched the series through. And it was hilarious but also had a lot of heart and an amazingly well thought-out storyline.

This is one of those animes that actually has a purpose to it and is not putting in extra fluff just to keep you entertained. And the entire storyline is consistent, makes progress each episode, and comes to a conclusion that makes sense given what has been happening. It is a conclusion that is very satisfying.

This series is very funny. Each episode has a theme, like war, or film noir. And then a whole lot of crazy ideas consistent with that theme are mashed together in a crazy way to poke fun. But instead of simply parodying the original, the parodies are incorporated into the new crazy plot. Sometimes it is shocking, sometimes disturbing, but always funny. I think this is also the first anime which has a lot of fan service, but also included a full frontal shot of the boy.

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