January 14, 2006

Netflix Swag (Sundance 2006)

Netflix gave us our preparation kits for this year's Sundance Film Festival, including some show tickets and maps and Park City informational pamphlets. But they also gave us a cool OGIO backpack (Street Sector-Z, with Netflix embroidered on it), a hat and scarf with the Netflix logo, and also a Netflix fleece pullover.

Today was also an open house where friends and family of Netflix employees were welcome to check out the new building we moved to. A lot of family members and children showed up, but not as many as I think they planned for. There is no doubt a lot of leftover champagne and apple cider and sweets.

Samir and I checked out the new theater, because I wanted to see where the speakers would be. The speakers are located in the walls, or within alcoves in the walls, and hidden by the fabric. The projector is above the ceiling acoustic treatment panels. There's a lot of equipment in the rack, from Crestron and other manufacturers, including gear from Lexicon: MC-12, LX-7 and LX-5, and RT-20.

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Author Profile Pagehey dude says at January 18, 2006 10:07 PM

Hey, Did you invite any of your family members to your Netflix party? I did not get invited, I wish it was otherwise.

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