January 12, 2006

The Twilight Samurai

Tasogare Seibei is a contemporary samurai film about a poor samurai named Seibei Iguchi at the beginning of the Meiji Restoration. Although poor, Seibei is content because he lives with his two daughters and senile mother. His colleagues make fun of him because he is poor and cannot afford to keep himself clean and must always work to support his family. By chance, Seibei is reunited with his childhood friend who has now grown into a young woman.

This movie is narrated by one of Seibei's daughters after she has grown old herself, and tells the story about how happiness and love came into their lives because of a turning point in Seibei's career as a samurai and his reunion with the woman, Tomoe. It is a great story, and although slow moving it kept my attention throughout the film.

Unfortunately, the DVD production quality on the U.S. release I saw was pretty poor. I think the movie could have been much more enjoyable to watch if more money had been put into the U.S. release. The video quality was not very good, and the audio quality seemed like that of an old film. I find it hard to believe the movie was made in 2002.

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