January 22, 2006


I took the cats to get their vaccinations this year, but this time I went to Pet Club instead of Petco, as Pet Club is closer and the vaccination team is there in the afternoon instead of in the morning.

Chie got really scared, and pooped a little bit while we were waiting in line. Afterwards, on the way home, he was very scared and ended up peeing inside the carrier, just like last year. Only this time it was a lot, and he ended up rolling around in it, so now he smells like pee. I did give him a small shower, which he didn't like of course, and when he jumped out a few more poop pieces came out. Then he climbed under my bed but I didn't want him to get that place all smelling like pee, since he was still wet. I had to flip the bed and pull him out by the scruff of his neck.

He's doing better now, because he knows I'm not trying to hurt him or take him away, but only after I had cornered him to dry him off a little. Unfortunately he still smells like pee right now.

Asuka and Niea handled it very well, and are not scared of me or anything. So I'm glad for that. At least these shots are good for three years, so I don't have to bring them back until January 2009. The organizers also signed me up for feline leukemia shots, but those aren't necessary for indoor cats apparently. The doctor giving the shots had them give me a refund and didn't inject them with that shot.

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