February 19, 2006

A Very Long Engagement

Audrey Tautou might be the most recognized French actress in the United States. One of her relatively recent movies is Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles. The narrative style and whimsical nature of the movie is somewhat similar to Amélie, which is a movie I like. After seeing that the two movies share a director and writing influences, that's not too surprising. I also liked this movie a lot. The topic is more serious, however, as it concerns love that was torn apart by the circumstances of World War I.

Audrey Tautou delivers her usual unique and amazing performance. The film also stars some other French actors that are familiar to me and their performances are also good. I was surprised to see Jodie Foster as one of the supporting cast. I wasn't aware she was doing any non-English movies, and her role was not small. The plot is gripping, and the characters have a depth that fills out the story and the events that unfold. These characters matter to the story and are not simply there to move things forward.

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