February 27, 2006

Read or Die

Going in reverse order, I just watched the R.O.D three-episode OVA. This storyline stars Yomiko Readman and Nancy Makuhari, with other British Library characters as well. Since this story is much shorter than the TV series, there is less character development and more focus on action, although each of the characters is given a thorough personality and behaves accordingly.

The artwork is quite good, and the action is smooth and well done. The music is similar to James Bond, which is good. I think some of the voice actors are different in the OVA, and certainly some personalities are very different, which can be explained by the backstory revealed in the TV series that bridges the two animes.

I'm a little confused about Nancy though. I'm not sure about the sister part, which is briefly mentioned but not explained in this OVA, and later built upon in the TV series. It's not clear to me what really happened to Nancy in the OVA, and then how that maps onto the things revealed about her life in the TV series.

Posted by josuah at February 27, 2006 12:35 AM UTC+00:00

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