April 22, 2006

Hanging Out w/Alla

So I hung out with Alla this past Wednesday and also tonight. On Wednesday, movie night got cancelled (although Zhao never told me he was coming so it's not my fault he waited outside for 30 minutes) and Alla and I ended up cooking some dinner and just hanging out. Today, we went to Oakridge on the excuse that she needed to buy a dress for Wendy-Ann's wedding.

But she didn't find anything good in her size, and ended up buying some shoes instead. I ate some Chinese food at the food court, and then we went to Borders to sit around and read stuff. I read the first volume of Ray (can't find a good link) which is pretty good. I think I'll probably buy the series. I didn't buy from Borders though because the book was a little dirty, and they only had volumes 1-3, but the sale is for four manga books.

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