April 9, 2006


I just watched the miniseries Taken, which has Spielberg's name attached to it, but is in fact directed by someone else. However, I felt as though there was a heavy Spielberg influence on the film's direction and production. The story was written by Leslie Bohem. The driving force behind this miniseries, which is pretty good, are the characters. The plot follows three families, one of abductees, one of hybrids, and one of the military investigators, through three generations in a culminating finale.

That aspect is the main strength of the series. The special effects are a little subduded but well done, and the science and exploration/speculation is very interesting (and what I would have preferred to see more of), but following three generations of people really gives a depth to the characters as to their motivations and fears and the family that shaped who they've become. Unfortunately, I think the best actors and characters are those from the first generation, but maybe that is only because I found that time period and their behavior more interesting.

I do think there are some great actors and some not-so-great actors in this series. Sometimes I felt like the characters came alive, while at other times things seemed fake or forced to me. The only real exception to that is the little girl, who acts as a narrator from the beginning and later one becomes a focal point. I believe she is supposed to be unnerving in her behavior and mannerisms, as her grandfather was before, because of who she is.

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