July 31, 2007

More RAM

Things have been running a little slow on our primary workstation, a Power Mac G5 system I bought in Fall of 2003. So it's about four years old, but it's not slow because it's old (although it is slow compared to the current offerings) but because both it and the Linux file server don't have enough RAM, particularly now that both Luna and I are always logged in. So I ordered 2GB of RAM for the Mac, bringing it up to 4GB total, and another 1GB of RAM for the Linux server, bringing it up to 3GB total.

With the additional RAM installed, things are a lot nicer. The Mac doesn't have to page out anymore, and maximum usage hits a little over 3GB, but there's still a lot of RAM left over for me to work with if I need to do something intensive like heavy graphic design work in Photoshop. The Linux server now has enough RAM to allocate at least 200MB of kernel buffer space, while still running all of the services I need, so the Mac never needs to wait for disk over the NFS mounts.

I suspect things will be good for a few more years, before I have to upgrade either the Linux server or the Mac workstation, again. It really was the case of Luna running applications on the Mac at the same time that pushed the Mac over the edge, while the Linux server has needed more RAM for its kernel buffers for a while, but it was never really bad until Luna started using it too.

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