August 4, 2007

Niea Has a Tapeworm

Luna found something yucky on Niea's butt last night. A white, squirming little worm thing near her rectum. It turns out that Niea has tapeworms. We're not really sure where Niea got her tapeworms. The typical method of infection is when a cat eats a flea that has the eggs in it. But all of our cats are strictly indoor. Which means the likely cause is either Nami or Kiba because they might have had fleas or something else when we adopted them, or all of the recent medical activity for all of them. I haven't noticed a lot of scratching, which means at least there aren't a lot of fleas in our home. Fortunately, treating tapeworms isn't too bad; you just need some prescription medicine from the veterinarian.

Niea, Asuka, and Chie each got one and a half pills of the medicine, and Nami and Kiba got one pill each. Since we know for sure Niea has the parasite, we have to give her another dose of one and a half pills in three weeks.

Besides the medicine, it's also important to try and make sure any fleas that might happen to be in the house are killed. So we vacuumed everything that the cats might have slept on or been near, from the carpets to the chairs, and laundered everything else like the blankets. That takes care of the house, but not the cats. The veterinarian recommended picking up Advantage. It comes out to about $10/dose at Pet Club.

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