October 5, 2007

Integrating Delicious Library

Ars has a preview of Delicious Library 2, which includes an HTML export feature that looks really good. (Except for squashing all images to squares.) Their screen shots show stuff that looks a lot better than what I've currently got for my music library. Of course, I'd want to integrate the look and feel into my web site anyway, but I'm sure there'll be enough to work with however this feature generates the HTML.

Delicious Library HTML ExportBut what got me thinking is the star ratings. You can rate any item in your library, which is good and cool. But the contents of your library are likely to be duplicated elsewhere, as far as ratings are concerned. Three quick and easy examples I can think of are for music, movies, and anything you've rated on Amazon.com, where Delicious Library pulls some of its data from. I wouldn't want to rate my movies on both Netflix and in Delicious Library. Or music in both iTunes and Delicious Library. Or on both Amazon and Delicious Library. Instead, it'd be super cool if Delicious Library could pull my ratings for items I've put into my collection from these different places. And cache them locally, of course, because it would really suck for those ratings to go away if I wasn't able to pull them anymore at a later time.

Posted by josuah at October 5, 2007 5:54 PM UTC+00:00

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