August 25, 2002

CiteSeer Results

So I used CiteSeer and the references or bibliography sections of those papers I found earlier about perceptual video quality metrics and I now have about 25 papers in total. Some of them deal with techniques to measure video quality and some with measuring network traffic properties. I also tried to find papers specifically looking at the impact of network traffic properties on video quality, and while I think I found a few, this was something harder to come across.

Steve Smoot's dissertation is about maximizing video quality given bit-rate constraints, but just about everything he references deals with video signal processing and not the relationship between network traffic properties and video quality. A few of the references deal with how to measure perceptual video quality. So I didn't really think much of what he referenced would help that much. There were a couple which looked a little encouraging, but I wasn't able to actually find the papers themselves. And one or two are books, not papers. CiteSeer didn't have his paper in their database so I couldn't find papers which cited his paper. Maybe I'm missing something here, since Ketan specifically pointed me at Smoot's dissertation.

Some links which I think will be helpful to me later on are:

  1. MPEG-2 Overview by Dr. Gorry Fairhurst.
  2. A Beginner's Guide for MPEG-2 Standard by Victor Lo.
  3. MPEG FAQs

I need to read up on MPEG so I know more about the codec.

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