August 27, 2002

Prioritized Papers

In preparation for my meeting with Ketan tomorrow afternoon, I've gone through the 25 or so papers I found so far and prioritized them. I placed them into four categories: video metrics, network metrics, video + network metrics, and miscellaneous. Under each category I seperated papers into high, medium, and low relevance. Luckily, most of the papers are of high relevance. However, only one paper fit into the video + network metrics category and it deals with diff-serv networks instead of general networks. The two papers I filed under miscellaneous are Steve Smoot's dissertation and a paper titled VoIP Performance Monitoring.

One of the papers pointed me at a traffic analysis tool called NetScope that was developed by AT&T Labs-Research. I found a paper describing this tool at Papers on Internet Traffic Analisys (yes, analysis was spelled wrong). There's some good information at both of these sites which I'll probably want to follow up on later. But I don't know if AT&T Labs-Research will actually let outsiders access their tools or research data. Their web site seems more overview than details; perhaps contacting some of the people there directly would be fruitful.

However, I still haven't really found anything that specifically correlates traffic characteristics with video quality. I suppose we'll have to generate models and run simulations and tests to determine this ourselves, given a specific video system. From scratch.

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