August 6, 2005

4 Strings - Turn It Around

The new 4 Strings album, Turn It Around is a great followup to their debut album, Believe. The majority of the album is more experimental, but the music and lyrics show growth. Near the end, a track called Back to Basics announces a switch in the musical approach, and this is obvious as the last few tracks are a return to the traditional approach of building a track by gradually layering sequences. Quite enjoyable and a great sophomore album for 4 Strings.

Interestingly, visiting the 4 Strings web site, a large number of comments have been left indicating that their iconic representative and singer, Vanessa van Hemert, will no longer be teaming up 4 Strings. That's a bit of a disappointment, as her voice is one of the defining factors in the 4 Strings sound. While I don't doubt Jan de Vos and Carlo Resoort can succeed without her supporting vocals, I do think their music will be changing a great deal as a result.

Posted by josuah at August 6, 2005 3:48 PM UTC+00:00

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