August 6, 2005

Das Boot

I watched the superbit version of Das Boot: The Director's Cut. I am not surprised, after watching it, that this movie is regarded so highly. The intense visceral drama and action is very raw and striking in the lack of apparent liberties taken by the director Wolfgang Peterson. In many ways it seems like a documentary, rather than an action or drama film. A very good film, although I think it would be hard to watch the 3.5 hour movie multiple times.

I believe that superbit actually improved the dynamic range of the audio by an order of magnitude, although I would have to have viewed the non-superbit version to say for sure. I do know that the dynamic range seemed much greater in this film than any other I have ever watched. Quiet whispers can switch very quickly to the roar of the ocean or depth-charge explosions. I have a feeling that this film would push any home theater system to its limits in terms of audio. I think this disc would be a good choice for discerning improvements in better speakers or equipment.

The picture was also excellent, for a film being pulled onto DVD from a film over twenty years old. The film grain was very visible, but the typical encoding artifacts were not. If anything, what was apparent was the less-than-perfect capabilities of film. I wish I had better contrast and black level, but you can't do much about that without spending much more on a projector.

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