September 12, 2005

Abre Los Ojos

Yesterday I watched Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) which was the film later remade as Vanilla Sky. And now I can see why there was so much controversy over the production of Vanilla Sky. It was almost an exact duplicate. The only thing that changed were the actors and the locale. So then, what is the point to remaking it with Tom Cruise, instead of simply publicizing the original? Regardless, they're both good films, but since they're basically the same film, you couldn't say one is good and the other isn't.

The original, Abre Los Ojos, does have more heart to it though. It feels more like César has actually lost something of his soul, rather than David who just feels like he is losing his mind. If I had to choose which to watch between the two, I would recommend Abre Los Ojos if subtitles and listening to Spanish dialogue isn't an issue for you. Otherwise, that may distract from your ability to pay attention to what is going on. In which case, Vanilla Sky is a better choice for you.

Vanilla Sky was better produced, and does feel more realistic, in some sense. But I think the acting by Eduardo Noriega is slightly better, and Abre Los Ojos has more emotional depth.

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