September 12, 2005

Nuclear Proliferation Returns

The Times Online is reporting that a revised nuclear operations doctrine would allow for pre-emptive nuclear strikes against terrorists. What does this mean? It means if this goes through, Bush could have ordered nuclear strikes against Iraq. And in the future, those countries which the government decides is evil. Or countries that are suspected of helping evil.

This is very, very bad for a number of reasons. One reason is that we have entered a more "enlightened" age where most of humanity has recognized the dangers inherent to stockpiling of nuclear weapons. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) fall under this same category of single weapons with devestating non-military casualties. One would hope that similar WMD non-proliferation agreements would arise in the near future. The complication with that is it can be much easier to produce a WMD than a nuclear warhead. But I would not say it is much easier to purchase a WMD than a nuclear warhead.

Another reason this is bad is because the U.S. government has taken a very liberal approach to who or what it labels as terrorists. There's a general attitude of label everything and everyone we don't like as terrorists. Why? Because the government has passed laws that allow the executive branch to ignore Constitutional rights and the Geneva Convention for terrorists. Laws like this proposed modification to the doctrine. I think it is highly hypocritical for a nation to decide its natural and inalienable rights only apply to humans it decides it would like them to apply.

Posted by josuah at September 12, 2005 6:14 PM UTC+00:00

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