September 18, 2005

Heather Nova - Oyster

Heather Nova is an artist I've been wanting to pick up for a long time. I finally got around to purchasing one of her earlier albums, Oyster. I'm not particularly aware of when I first learned about Heather Nova, but I've also liked her on ATB's album Two Worlds.

The amazing thing about Oyster is that not only does Heather have amazing song-writing and vocal skills, which come through great on this album, but that there is so much rich music accompaniment. Heather has a very ethereal voice, which becomes even more awe-inspiring when she reaches for the high notes. The music is hard rock at times, almost bordering on metal, but also sometimes more ambient in its style. Unlike many other albums, the instrumentals here are a direct reflection on the contrasting moods and emotions that show up within a single song.

The production on this album was also very good. Although it's obvious it was mixed a little hot, there are a lot of subtle nuances going on which can be very hard to miss completely. I think with a better processor and better speakers, more of that would come out. I really liked being able to localize minute background audio, and being able to hear the moist break in her lips when she opened her mouth.

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