September 18, 2005

Piedras Verdes

Piedras Verdes is a Mexican film about an 18-year-old girl who has a fight with her adopted mother and runs away. She ends up entering the life and world of a drug dealer (although that is glossed over) and when that goes sour, she starts trying to find her biological father. I had some expectations for this film based on the award nominations on the back of the promotional sleeve, but I'm afraid it was a disappointment.

The protagonist, played by Vanessa Bauche, starts out as a brat, goes through the whole movie as a brat, and ends up as a brat. The acting performances aren't that great, and there is no character growth at all. A lot of the plot doesn't make any sense either. This is partially because it's supposed to be more artsy and contain dream-like connections that don't make sense. But it doesn't work because everything else is so grounded. I had no idea how things were happening, why they were happening, and there were many pointless video sequences.

The copy I have is also a promotional screener made available to Netflix employees by Lions Gate Films. I guess they don't really care so much about the quality of the screeners. It was 4:3 letterbox, instead of widescreen. The picture quality was not that great, with extremely visible artifacts at times. The film transfer wasn't done right either, as a projection burn clearly showed up. The movie also switched to black and white with a copyright statement on top, to prevent copying. That's understandable, but also annoying.

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