July 15, 2007

Niea's in the Hospital

So Niea didn't get any better since coming home yesterday. I slept with her in the extra bedroom, and she didn't pass anything and there were several times when she was trying to get something out. She's still not playing around, or even doing much, except for lying on the bed or hiding inside. So we made an appointment to go back to the doctor this afternoon. When we got there, we saw a different doctor who said she might have felt something in her stomach. Might be poop, might be an obstruction. Unfortunately they close at 5pm and wouldn't be able to fit Niea in for an X-ray, so she referred us to the emergency clinic which is open after hours and 24 hours over the weekend.

We brought Niea there, and she didn't meow once, even as she was being carried away by the nurse. They're going to give her an X-ray and do some blood work to see if there's anything to be found (they can do all the work in-house at the emergency clinic, which is not possible at the doctor's office) and give us a call later tonight. We should get a call soon. Most likely she'll be there at least 24 hours and we'll have to pick her up on Monday morning, but might be sooner or later depending on what they find out and if anything needs to be done.

It's possible Niea just has a sore throat, or a viral or bacterial infection. Which would be better than having swallowed something because that might require surgery to remove. If she just can't eat hard food because of some irritation or sickness, then we can feed her soft food or the bland canned food which we got from the doctor, in small quantities several times throughout the day.

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