July 15, 2007

Niea's Okay (We Think)

I called the doctor at the emergency clinic this morning and found that Niea is doing much better. She is able to meow a little again, and was very hungry this morning and ate a lot of dry cat food (the clinic fed her Science Diet). So we went to pick her up and take her home. My mom came also, because she visited this weekend. When we got there, we had to wait a long time to get Niea because there were a bunch of emergencies coming in, but finally we got Niea and she was glad to be coming home. We also got some X-rays which showed something possibly in her stomach area, but the doctor wasn't sure and it could have just been nothing in particular. We are supposed to feed Niea 1/4 of a Pepcid AC 10mg tablet each day for four days, to help her digestive system. Niea was shaved in a couple of places: on her neck and on her right forearm where the IV was.

While we were there, a few other pet owners came in to pick up their dogs and cats, although the vast majority of people that showed up, both for pick up and to drop off, were for dogs. A couple of dogs came in after having eaten something like chew toys, but one dog had been bitten by what was probably a rattlesnake and was in a lot of pain. Left untreated, his body would shut down and he would die. It looked like the family wouldn't actually be able to afford treatment, especially since I guess anti-venom is very expensive, but they said they'd figure out some way to pay it off.

We have VPI for Asuka, Niea, and Chie, and I'll be adding Nami and Kiba to our account as well. So even though Niea's treatment is expensive, we should get most of it back after I file the claim form. My mom didn't really care about Niea, or the other pets. She was more concerned with whether or not insurance would pay for the treatment, and even laughed when the dog with the snake bite was crying in pain.

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