March 7, 2003

Not My iBook

I wiped my iBook and reinstalled everything. With Apple's X11 and version 1.0.5r2 of IOXperts' FireWire WebCam driver everything works fine. But the same code with version 1.0.6 only returns the first frame.

Taylor Toussaint from OrangeMicro explained that in Mac OS 10.2.x, their FireWire IIDC driver just uses Apple's supplied video digitizer. But I got the error deviceCantMeetRequest = -9408 when I tried VDGetDigitizerInfo, a required video digitizer function. So I've decided to just not worry about the OrangeWare driver for now.

I did discover that calling VDResetCompressSequence does not start compressing another frame. You still have to call VDCompressOneFrameAsync afterwards. But I removed the check for more than one queued frame since I am using VDSetCompression to turn off any temporal compression and I shouldn't have to request key frames. Maybe that is the problem. Perhaps I should not call VDSetCompression at all (the IOXperts driver defaults to kComponentVideoCodecType = yuv2) and use VDResetCompressSequence to insert key frames.

Posted by josuah at March 7, 2003 12:13 AM UTC+00:00

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