July 14, 2007

Nami's Sick; Niea's Hurting

We took Niea and Nami to the doctor today. Niea has stopped being able to swallow hard food (she ate some vegetables okay), immediately throwing them back up before they can get down her throat. And she's no longer running around or playing, and can't speak anymore either. When she tries to speak, she just opens her mouth but nothing comes out. She's also been either coughing or heaving, trying to get something out of her throat or stomach.

So we took her to the doctor today, and brought along Nami because maybe she gave Niea her sickness and that is all. The doctor examined Niea and wasn't able to find any obstruction in the throat or stomach, but once she say Niea's dry heaving she gave her a shot, pumped 200mL of fluid under her skin, and said we shouldn't let her eat or drink for 24 hours and see if she is able to either pass or cough up whatever's bothering her by tomorrow. If not, we should bring her in for some X-rays and blood work.

The doctor also took a look at Nami, because her runny nose and sneezing should have gone away by now, if it was just a little cold. Two weeks is too long for her to be this way. The doctor proscribed some antibiotics, 0.5mL three times a day, as well as a lysine paste, 1mL twice a day, in case she has herpes. We need to keep Nami isolated from the rest of the cats until she gets better.

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